Expect the Unexpected – At PRSM National and for Winter 2016

Expect the Unexpected – 

At PRSM National, and for Winter 2016

With weather, you just never know. Be it Long Beach or Long Island, blizzards, rain, and high winds are the bane of facility managers, who are responsible for on-site safety. In retail, the issue is even more critical. Safety first of course, but a store without shoppers is a store without sales. That’s never good.

In the spirit of this weeks’ PRSM (Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association) National conference, April 25-27, we share the all-important weather story, especially in terms of snow removal and ice management. Our advice is that it’s never too early to anticipate weather problems. For example, the most common snowiest month in the United States is January, followed by December and February, yet more than 100 locations have their snowiest months in non-winter months! Bottom line: It’s never too early to anticipate upcoming cold-weather concerns.

Start thinking about snow and ice now to avoid these commonplace facilities predicaments:

  • Storm warnings come too little, too late and there’s no time to prepare for poor weather conditions.
  • You can see the parking lots, walkways and loading docks. They’re covered in ice—and are extremely dangerous.
  • You’ve made your calls but all your local providers are too busy to respond – or at least, to respond quickly to ice and snow removal.
  • Communications are haphazard, inconsistent, poor and problematic. Getting a straight answer is impossible.

Winning a facility victory in bad weather means shoppers and employees can safely arrive, park and walk in. It’s business as usual with no surprises or safety concerns. Keeping a retail site open and operational requires right-now planning and prep for cold weather that’s just around the corner.

Join us at PRSM National conference in booth #1514 for tips on managing snow and ice removal this winter. See how we’re helping retailers take their facility performance to the next level by taking the headache out of snow season. See you there!