Capital Projects - Lighted Storefront

Capital Projects Case Study: Novelty Retailer

Each fall, a novelty retailer launches more than 220 storefronts in just 90 days by leveraging fsElite and capital projects management. 


A novelty mall retailer relies on FacilitySource to manage the construction, service, and tear down of hundreds of seasonal storefronts each fall. This annual initiative is a great example of how FacilitySource successfully executes capital projects – on time, on budget, at each location.


A mall retailer, known for its gift shops and the unique items they sell, depends on FacilitySource to set up, service, and tear down a large quantity of temporary stores in very short timeframe. Extensive preparation is needed to get the stores ready for business and up to code.

The stores require a variety of services and are geographically dispersed, making it necessary to have multiple teams working in several regions. Once the space is leased, there’s only a small window of opportunity to generate sales until the season ends, so there’s no margin for error. The stores have to be set up and ready to go as planned – no matter what obstacles get in the way.

Coordinating capital project work is labor intensive and time consuming, so it helps to have an expert. Each year, this retailer trusts FacilitySource to manage the full scope of this capital project – from start to completion.


To ensure the success of this annual initiative, our capital projects experts plan everything in advance – defining the scope of work and detailing each component of the project. These plans define the bidding process, sourcing logistics, and metrics for monitoring quality and task completion once work is underway.

Next, local professionals are identified from fsElite, FacilitySource’s network of service providers, to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of experts across multiple trades to perform the various tasks required at competitive, negotiated rates. Before construction begins, our teams conduct surveys at each site, completing a detailed checklist, setting up utilities, reading meters and confirming local code requirements.

Once preparations are made and the location surveys are completed, FacilitySource meets with regional zone managers and corporate area managers to ensure all groups are aligned before starting the work. When construction begins, we rapidly deploy over 20 crews simultaneously across 11 states to perform the work.

Throughout the project, our teams:

  • Coordinate between local offices, regional zone managers, corporate area managers, capital projects team and fsElite service providers to provide visibility and accountability for the duration of the project
  • Manage the completion of each task sand monitors the quality of trade work, including lighting, electrical, general maintenance, handyman, doors/locks, floors care, janitorial, and signage jobs.
  • Update work order systems daily, providing updates and recommendations to control costs, streamline operations, and quantify expenses
  • Ensure that compliance requirements are met by confirming that fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, exists, and sprinklers are up to date.


FacilitySource leverages its capital projects expertise and fsElite service provider network to help this retailer set up hundreds of temporary stores each fall. Even after construction is complete, our teams manage facility maintenance needs across a wide spectrum of trades. Once the season is over, we supervise the tear down with the same expert precision.

FacilitySource’s proven capital project management process gets results. Each year since 1995, we successfully executive this strategic initiative, and have never failed to get any store open on time, and on budget.

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