Integrated Facilities Management: IFM

The idea of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) was first developed at FacilitySource. For years, many large organizations struggled with maintaining their facilities efficiently. From processing work orders and maintaining service provider compliance, to invoicing and payments, facility managers needed a way to get better quality work performed more quickly, without increasing costs. FacilitySource created the IFM solution using decades of industry experience and practical hands-on knowledge. Each component has been rigorously engineered to optimize the facility maintenance process, expose areas for improvement, and eliminate wasteful spending.   Our IFM solution is the most technologically advanced, complete and street-proven set of facility maintenance services in the market today.

Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management:

  • Improves capital and expense accounting by a minimum of 20%
  • Streamlines service provider invoicing to improve efficiency, cost savings, and reporting
  • Saves 15% – 20% on average with lower prices on facility maintenance services
  • Reduces number of emergency service calls by 10%-20% with remote troubleshooting
  • Brings visibility to facility spend for improved capital planning and budgeting
  • Outsources transactional elements of facility maintenance to boost productivity
  • Centralizes service provider insurance and certification records electronically
  • Aggregates service calls to obtain discounted service provider pricing
  • Manages Do Not Exceed (DNEs) review and reduction specifications by client to control spend
  • Delivers customized reports and statistical modeling to provide actionable insights


fmPilot is a dynamic work order and asset management system that is delivered through a customer branded web portal. The system enables users to enter facility work requests, dispatch work orders, track assets, and create facility reports on a variety of activities. fmPilot links all the members of the facility maintenance ecosystem to the maintenance needs of their facility locations.

  • Acts as a central repository for work order management, asset tracking, electronic contract and document management
  • Provides fully customizable and business rule driven functionality to address each client’s unique workflow needs
  • Brings visibility to detailed facility expenses to better control maintenance spend
  • Includes built-in spending thresholds, invoice processing and validation to track the true cost of facility upkeep
  • Manages statutory compliance to ensure facility and service provider certifications are always up to date

Elite Network of Service Providers

FacilitySource has compiled the industry’s most comprehensive and highest quality network of elite service providers that includes over 25,000 experienced service providers, managed in a 24/7 environment. We maintain strong service provider relationships because of the support, consistent work volume and attractive payment schedules we provide. This gives us the ability to attract high-quality service providers and obtain the best rates on labor and materials.

  • Provides nationwide coverage to ensure Elite Network Service Providers are in place to service client facilities in any region, regardless the type of trade work requested
  • Validates clients receive high quality work by measuring and monitoring service providers
  • Ensures Elite Network members have the tools the need to get the job done, with extensive training and support, including integrated voice response (IVR), mobile applications and electronic invoicing procedures

Statistics & Business Intelligence

Another key benefit of Integrated Facilities Management is the ability to spot trends and identify potential problems before they arise. We deliver the information and insights to help you run smart and efficient facilities. Our database was built leveraging information from over $2.7B in annual facilities spend, and millions of work order records across dozens of trades. Our expert team of statisticians continually mine, analyze and convert this data into powerful insights to help our clients make informed business decisions.

  • Includes executive dashboards with graphical views of key performance indicators monitoring service performance at each location
  • Delivers the business intelligence facility managers need to make better strategic decisions, including monthly scorecards, and service level performance tracking, and benchmark reporting with other industries
  • Consolidates complex data into manageable reports, giving our clients the ability to obtain predictive intelligence and expense trends easily

Dedicated Account Teams & Support Center

At FacilitySource, our knowledgeable account teams and support staff handles all of the day-to-day aspects of facility maintenance for our clients, freeing them up to focus on more strategic tasks. We provide dedicated, client-specific account teams, and attract professionals who know the facility maintenance industry and have trade specific knowledge to staff those teams and service our clients.

  • Facilitates work order requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Addresses facility maintenance concerns from onshore support centers staffed with knowledgeable customer service representatives
  • Ensures work orders are promptly processed, dispatched, and proactively tracked through to resolution
  • Reduces service calls and trip charges with support from staff who specialize in troubleshooting facility maintenance issues remotely, and are knowledgeable about client-specific operating procedures

Consolidated Paperless Invoicing

Studies have shown that companies can save $10 or more per invoice with paperless invoicing. IFM removes the burden of processing invoices from the retailer and puts the service provider in charge of creating and submitting electronic invoices. All contractual rates, trip charges, preventative maintenance contract costs, etc. are stored in our fmPilot database for each service provider in the system. All service provider invoices are automatically verified against this database in order to ensure compliance.

  • Streamlines process for AP & FM accounting
  • Reduces of problem invoices
  • Automates accrual reporting

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