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Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

“IFM was designed and developed with the practical hands-on knowledge and learning accrued from 50 years of industry experience. Each component of the IFM solution has been rigorously engineered to optimize the facility maintenance process, expose areas for improvement, and eliminate wasteful spending.”

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“Recently, a major US grocery store chain made the switch to an Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solution and their experience provides a good example of the power of a truly integrated IFM tool. The company operates over 300 locations in the northeastern United States, and its supermarket business model comes with complicated and demanding facility maintenance challenges.”

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Facilities Maintenance Optimization (FMO)

“The FacilitySource FMO solution streamlines and simplifies the process of facility maintenance by centralizing work orders, invoicing and vendor management. It also makes life a little easier for the people work work at your facilities. When a need arises, employees can enter or call in a work request. When approved, it’s routed directly to your designated primary contractor or, if you wish, to a member of the FacilitySource Elite Network of Service Providers.”

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“A industry leader in pizza delivery with thousands of stores needed a facilities maintenance solution that would help centralize processes, reduce costs, and provide greater transparency into service provider management and invoicing. This case study highlights the successes that the restaurant operator experienced with FacilitySource’s Facilities Maintenance Optimization (FMO) solution.”

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“A mall-based specialty retailer with six major apparel brands needed a better way to manage maintenance processes and track the true cost of upkeep for thousands of corporately owned stores in their facilities portfolio. This case study illustrates how the FacilitySource Facilities Maintenance Optimization (FMO) solution helped them cut costs and improve the quality of services.”

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Facilities Maintenance Optimization

Energy Management Services (EMS)

“Everything starts with our centrally located team of 21 EMS technicians who monitor your systems around-the-clock. We have subject matter experts in every major energy management software on the market today, so we can work with whatever you’re currently using with no learning curve.”

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“A national retailer with thousands of stores required an HVAC/R and Energy Management Services (EMS) solution to help them budget more efficiently and manage seasonal expense variations. This case study highlights preventative maintenance implementation benefits that one of our retail clients experienced with FacilitySource’s HVAC/R and EMS trade services over a two-year period.”

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Janitorial and Floor Care Services

“FacilitySource provides a single point of contact for all of your commercial cleaning needs, from routine janitorial services to restoration and hazardous waste removal; no matter where in the U.S. or Canada your facility is located. We deliver reliable, consistent, responsive service; improved outcomes and typically do it at a lower cost than what you’re paying now.”

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Capital Projects

“Because managing capital projects of all types is a core business, we know the costs, how to plan and have a comprehensive supply chain in place. As a result, we can source and price your project faster than your internal team; getting ramped up and ready in days instead of weeks or months.”

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Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

“Because managing capital projects of all types is a core business, we know the costs, how to plan and have a comprehensive supply chain in place. As a result, we can source and price your project faster than your internal team; getting ramped up and ready in days instead of weeks or months.”

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Snow and Ice Removal

“Make winter weather one less thing to worry about with Snow and Ice Removal services, from FacilitySource. Our solution combines verified, reliable performance from our Elite Network with proven methodologies that allow us to anticipate and respond to weather events quickly. So no matter what’s headed your way, you can rest easy, knowing all your locations are safe and ready for business.”

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“Snow plowing, ice management, weather monitoring, reporting and more – We handle every aspect of our clients grounds maintenance and winter weather management needs. This case study highlights success one Grocery retailer experienced with FacilitySource’s snow and ice management program.”

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HVAC/R Management

“A retailer with multiple locations nationwide was struggling to control HVAC/R maintenance expenses. Because of fluctuating expenses, the retailer found it difficult to manage budgets effectively throughout the year. They turned to FacilitySource and its Elite Network of Service Providers to solve the expense issue.”

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