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Trade Services: Energy Management (EMS) and System Monitoring

Energy is the second highest maintenance expense for most retailers, with lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC systems being among the top energy users. As a result, today’s facility teams need an effective energy management strategy to ensure their locations are running both efficiently and cost effectively. If any of those systems fail, staff productivity and store sales could come to a halt. If you’re a food retailer, restaurant, or pharmacy, refrigerators and freezers can become a high cost in insurance claims and lost sales. Monitoring these systems is critical to insure they are running efficiently, remain on schedule, and if any operational issues arise, they are caught and corrected as quickly as possible.

FacilitySource’s Energy Management Services (EMS) can help with these challenges and reduce unnecessary spending in the process. From 24/7 system monitoring to issue resolution and reporting, we’ll ensure that your facilities’ lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems are up and running as effectively as possible with our highly trained team of technicians.

Harness the power of EMS

When you partner with FacilitySource, you receive:

  • Collection and reporting of usage data
  • Progress tracking of energy saving initiatives
  • 24/7 monitoring and work order management
  • Commitment to quickly respond to outages or emergencies
  • Prompt resolution to issues to help reduce service call volume
  • Ideas to save on energy and ROI models supported by data analytics
  • Consumption and system optimization to reduce energy costs by 10% -20%

When you choose FacilitySource for energy management services (EMS), you get an experienced team who monitors your systems around the clock. We have subject matter experts in virtually every major energy management software solution so we can ramp up quickly with no learning curve. Our team works as an extension of your staff to resolve any problems and identify areas to reduce consumption.

An energy efficient facility is a happy facility.

energy managementEffective energy management has a number of advantages. In addition to the obvious cost savings and potential tax savings implications, being able to predict usage so you can better budget expenses is very beneficial. Energy efficient companies promote a green, healthy and sustainable image which is very important to customers. If your organization does not have an energy management program in place, contact us today to talk to our experts about getting one started. If you need help with an existing one, call us to find out how we can help take your energy management to the next level.

For more information about FacilitySource’s Energy Management Services, please call us at 1-800-896-9000, email, or complete the form on this page to request more information.

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