Trade Services: Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Management

When you have multiple, geographically dispersed facilities to manage, keeping all of the HVAC systems in peak performance, season in and season out, can be a huge task. There’s preventative maintenance and warranties to worry about, not to mention the need to balance energy costs and consumption so customers and employees are comfortable.

If you are looking for an efficient way to maintain, repair or replace your current systems, then turn to FacilitySource for help. We provide a wide range of commercial HVAC services including design, equipment retrofits and replacements, commissioning and re-commissioning, proactive and preventive maintenance, energy audits and energy management.

The FacilitySource Advantage

Partnering with FacilitySource for HVAC trade needs gives you the tools to:

  • Improve equipment reliability and uptime with preventative maintenance programs
  • Increase energy efficiency and sustainability by keeping systems in good repair
  • Control HVAC spend with visibility in operations at each location in your facilities portfolio
  • Maximize useful life of HVAC systems to reduce unplanned capital expenses
  • Integrate HVAC services with our fmPilot CMMS, from entering work orders and dispatching service providers to verifying invoices and storing asset management data
  • Plan wisely for capital expenditures with unit analysis conducted by trade specialists who recommend optimal times for system replacements

Trust your Commercial HVAC Needs to the Pros

commercial hvac trade icon 300x300When you rely of FacilitySource for your commercial HVAC needs, you get a team that manages the entire work order process, from the initial service request to dispatch, completion, and billing. Our elite network of service providers specializes in commercial HVAC and are ready to meet your unique needs. We have helped clients save 10-20% on their facility maintenance costs by leveraging our best-in-class software and proprietary Elite Network of Service Providers. Each year, we answer over 2 million service calls, process 3.6 million work orders and manage $2.7 billion dollars in facilities spend, which means we have the size and scale to deliver when, you need us.

Webinar: Get 4 Tips to Build a HVAC Business Case. Learn how to calculate payback costs and lifespan factors.

For more information about FacilitySource’s HVAC Trade Services, please call us at 1-800-896-9000 or email marketing@facilitysource.com.

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