Exterior Maintenance Services

Here at CBRE | FacilitySource, we offer a wide range of exterior facility maintenance solutions for multi-site locations, keeping our clients UP. AND RUNNING year-round. Learn more about our most popular exterior maintenance services below:

Exterior Maintenance Services for Cold Weather

For commercial facilities who experience snow in the winter, we offer snow removal services. From snow plowing to deicing walkways and parking lots, our snow and ice management service providers will ensure your facilities are safe for customers and/or associates and easily accessible- free from ice and snow!

Exterior Maintenance Services for Warm Weather

Our portfolio of exterior maintenance services for commercial companies include a variety of offerings to ensure your facilities look their absolute best! From corporate lawn care, to floral landscaping and even power washing, your company’s facilities will always have a well-kept and inviting look.

Year-Round Exterior Maintenance Services

Apart from seasonality-based exterior services, we also provide the following commercial maintenance solutions year-round:

  • Exterior Capital Projects
  • Parking Lot Sweeping and Maintenance
  • Dark Store Management
  • Pressure/ Power Washing for Buildings

What Makes Our Exterior Maintenance Services Stand Out

We get it- you want to ensure your facilities always look clean and inviting on the outside, so choosing who manages your facilitys’ exterior maintenance is a big decision. At CBRE | FacilitySource, we pride ourselves in providing world-class exterior maintenance services to our clients.

  • We have a dedicated meteorologist on-staff who consistently monitors weather for our clients
  • If you need our assistance, we provide 24/7/365 support
  • We have an experienced team who focuses directly on landscaping and snow services
  • You’ll be provided live, onsite reporting via our advanced CMMS software
  • Our Business Intelligence team consistently monitors and provides land, sweep, and snow service data to help deliver you, as a client, your ideal brand experience and optimizing your facilitys’ performance

To learn more about how we approach exterior facilities maintenance, check out the video below:

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