Facility Management for Banks | Optimizing the Banking Sector

Facility Management for Banks | Optimizing the Banking Sector

Providing Banks and Financial Institutions Their Optimal Brand Experience Through Facility Management Since 2005

Looking for a streamlined and secure facilities management solution? Are you in the banking business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At CBRE | FacilitySource, we understand the importance of optimizing facilities management. We give banks peace-of-mind through service provider vetting and strategic security measures to keep your facilities UP. AND RUNNING.

We get it- banking facilities need to stay secure as possible. That’s why when you partner with us to manage your facilities’ maintenance, we offer the following to ensure optimal security:

  • Service Provider Vetting- Proof of Authorization Process with potential badging
  • Arrival Notifications- our fmPilot work order application will notify bank location managers when a service provider is en route to the facility
  • Security Practice Adoption- Our service providers will be trained on any security processes your locations may have

As an added bonus, our service providers, consisting of 25k+ individuals nationwide, are regularly score-carded to ensure optimal performance.

How We Partner with Banks for Facility Management

Partner with us, and we’ll handle your facility management from beginning to end- and can even save you up to 25% in facility costs. Watch the video below to learn about our work order process flow for facilities:

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, we specialize in providing our clients with innovative facility management solutions. Our business model includes our highly-score carded Elite Network of Service Providers. Our service providers are dedicated professionals who are dispersed nationwide to provide your facilities with any maintenance needs. Through transparency, business intelligence, and our world-class work order technology, we partner with the best-of-the-best companies in each industry including banking.

Our End-to-End Services

Our business model focuses on providing banking industry clients end-to-end facilities solutions. When you partner with us, we will help in every aspect of facilities maintenance. From exterior services to energy management services, our integrated facilities management model includes many features to keep your facilities running.

Our model revolves around a single point of contact, streamlined approach, and our Elite Network of Service Providers. Learn more about each segmented service we offer in fully integrated solution below:

Our end-to-end maintenance business model for banking facilities includes the above, and so much more!

Are you ready to learn how we can streamline your national bank’s facility maintenance? Let’s start a conversation.