News: Biztech Awards, What makes FacilitySource tick

Biztech Awards, What makes FacilitySource tick

A Q&A with William Hayden, CEO of FacilitySource:

What is the best advice you have ever received?
Always be willing to put in the work – hustle makes all the difference.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Working as a team to deliver on our client commitments.

What are you most excited about building on in the next year?
Continuing to focus on making FacilitySource a great team environment – focusing on our i3 programs: Innovate / Inspire / Improve.

What about the Columbus region works in your company’s favor?
Columbus is a great environment in which to build a committed, enthusiastic team. The city demographics are key to finding great team members as FacilitySource continues to rapidly grow and create jobs. The initiatives at Columbus 2020 are providing a dynamic business environment.

What steps are you taking to make your company more diverse?
FacilitySource prioritizes diversity as we source candidates for new positions. Many candidates arrive as referrals from existing team members, which builds upon our diversity. Our human resources team partners with local universities to continue to build on our diversity commitment.

What is the biggest risk your company ever took? In 2012,
FacilitySource pivoted its business model – expanding our lines of service outside of our core software offerings. The journey that started in 2012 has stretched our capabilities, challenged our team, and continues to expand our opportunities to partner with new and existing clients in ways we could not have prior to the pivot.

Looking back, that was a risky strategy – but one that has proven to resonate in the market.

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