CBRE | FacilitySource Exterior Maintenance Team Prepares for Spring

For immediate release: February 20, 2020

CBRE | FacilitySource Exterior Maintenance Team Prepares for Spring

In many parts of the country, winter is bringing cold, snowy weather and grey skies- making many individuals yearn for bright, sunny days.

CBRE | FacilitySource‘s Exterior Maintenance Team is also thinking about warmer weather. But, instead of thinking about melted snow, not having to scrape their windshields in the morning, or even salting sidewalks, they are game planning on how to tackle facility landscaping needs when warmer weather arrives.

“Although it’s still winter, it’s time for us to begin thinking about spring.” Dana Russell said, an Exterior Service Delivery Director at CBRE | FacilitySource, said.

Russell explained that his team has already consolidated a schedule for CBRE | FacilitySource’s exterior spring maintenance. “Beginning in March, the team will begin deploying service providers to perform spring clean-up tasks in southern states.”

The southern states Russell mentioned include Alabama, Georgia, Nevada, and Texas, for example. Russell also explained that the Northern states’ spring clean-up schedule is set to begin in early April.

“Spring clean-up is important to abide to when temperatures rise. It helps promote healthy regrowth of plants,” Russell explained. “When it gets warmer, we send service providers to our clients’ locations to cut back perennials and ornament grasses, remove leaves from flower beds, and spot prune dead branches in bushes and trees.”

Of course, spring clean-up is more than just keeping plants healthy; it also helps promote positive customer experience.

“Spring clean-up can give a facility a fresh, clean look.” Mitch Payne, a Senior Program Manager at CBRE | FacilitySource, said. “Having clean landscaping can even increase curb appeal, foot traffic, and even sales.”

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