CBRE | FacilitySource Hires VP of Client Success and Client Experience, Aims to Enhance Client-Centric Mission

For immediate release: January 15, 2020

CBRE | FacilitySource Hires VP of Client Success and Client Experience, Aims to Enhance Client-Centric Mission

CBRE | FacilitySource, the leader in the facility management industry, is excited to announce the hiring of Erin Plivelich as its Vice President of Client Success and Client Experience.  

“At CBRE | FacilitySource, we are very client-centrically driven; we’re always looking for inventive ways to invest in our clients,” Chris Jernigan, Senior Vice President of CBRE | FacilitySource, said. “The hiring of Erin is truly a testament to our continuous focus on creating the optimal client experience.” 

In her new role, Plivelich will be responsible for developing the strategic vision and direction for the company’s already-established Client Success Team. 

Established in 2019, CBRE | FacilitySource’s Client Success Team serves as the day-to-day primary point of contact between clients and CBRE | FacilitySource to ensure the clients business needs are met and performance expectations are exceeded. 

“One of my initial goals in this new position at CBRE | FacilitySource is to support, enhance, and empower the Client Success Team and Alliance Directors to deliver on client outcomes” Plivelich said. “We need to build stronger, longer-term relationships with our clients by leveraging our resources and technology. I aim to enhance their interactions with our products and services while delivering a nextlevel client experience” 

Within the past year, the business became hyper-focused on client success. In 2019, the business adopted its parent company’s client care program: Dark Green. Dark Green has been a long-standing, core part of client satisfaction measurement within CBRE, and consists of multiple components including surveys & scorecards, KPI tracking & analysis, reviews & roundtables, and collaborative learning events.  

When a client is deemed as being highly-satisfied, CBRE | FacilitySource labels them as being “Dark Green.” 

“Dark Green is an extremely thorough methodology of determining a clients’ degree of satisfaction,” Jernigan said. “Everyone at CBRE | FacilitySource has a responsibility to commit their work to our clients’ satisfaction. We joined this program last year, and I’m excited to see what Erin will do in her new role to support our Dark Green initiatives.” 

Previously employed as the President and COO of a technology company, and having over 10 years of operational experience, Plivelich has the knowledge and drive to enhance client relationships at CBRE | FacilitySource 

“Erin’s previous experience will allow us to properly scale our business. We’ve been growing 70% year over year for the past few years, so it’s important that we step back and evaluate best practices on managing large client portfolios. I’m confident that Erin will be able to help us do so,” Jernigan said.   

We succeed when the client succeeds,” Plivelich said. “I’m excited to work with our internal teams and clients to further enhance the client experience.  

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