Flexible, Customizable CMMS Software for Work Order Management

$3 Billion

Maintenance spend
managed annually

3.14 Million

Calls supported annually

4.08 Million

Work orders
processed annually

25 Thousand

Service providers

CMMS fmPilot One Sheet

Photo of a computer and phone with screenshots of CBRE | FacilitySource's CMMS software, fmPilot. What this CMMS software provides is an advanced work order capability and reporting for facility management.

fmPilot®: Advanced and Streamlined
CMMS Work Order Software

Do you need an app to track and manage work orders? Tired of using physical tracking tools? If so, our work order facility management software app, fmPilot, may be right for you and your business. fmPilot is the best work order management software tool available in the facility maintenance industry. This facility platform is used to manage and track work orders (WO).

We consider our tool to be the engine to our full facility solution. It gives many benefits to our clients as a work order management tool. fmPilot has been proven to help increase cost savings for a business. It also provides you with the rich data you need to plan and manage your operations.

Wondering what our CMMS software, fmPilot, provides?

fmPilot was created with our clients in mind. See some of the key features below:

  • Work order (WO) management applications available for both desktop and mobile
  • Dashboard for day-to-day WO tracking and management
  • Central archive for WOs and asset tracking built from more than 15 years of data
  • Breakdown of WO life cycle
  • KPI comparisons to like clients for WO cost analysis by trade
  • Insight of WO history from other clients to predict likely repairs needed to avoid breakdowns
  • And more!

What is CMMS?

If you are wondering what CMMS is, it stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS technology is used to consolidate records, analytics, and other key metrics that maintenance individuals, whether they are facility owners or service providers, interact with. Our CMMS work order management software, fmPilot, is used to manage the life of a work order and has advanced reporting capabilities.