Capital Projects and
Services for Facilities

We understand that capital projects are meant to serve as a long-term solution for your facilities to not only increase the efficiency of your facilities, but to also improve customer experience.

At CBRE | FacilitySource, we can assist with capital projects of all sizes. From small retrofit projects to large volume rollouts, our Elite Network of Service Providers of 25k+ professionals are here to help you and your facilities complete your capital project in little to no ramp-up time. We can very quickly and efficiently build out a project plan while staying on time and on budget- all while being your single point of contact.

What capital projects does
CBRE | FacilitySource offer?

Backed by the power of CBRE, we offer:

  • Construction: Ground Up & Renovation
  • Business Transition & Move Management
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Critical Environments
  • Programs: ADA, Branding, Survey
  • Program Management
  • Cost Consultancy

>>Watch our video to learn more about our Capital Projects Services for Facilities

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