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Can a General Contractor Do Electrical Work? | When to Call in a Licensed Electrician

Let’s set a scenario: You’re a facility manager at a bank. You’ve noticed that within the past month, the electrical breakers have often been tripping, causing the lights in the front part of your location to frequently go out near the ATM. After hearing numerous complaints from customers, you decide it’s time to call in a service provider to replace the circuit. When you begin to submit a work order, you wonder, “Can I have a General Contractor do this electrical work?”

Customer Service in Facilities Management | Keeping Our Clients UP. AND RUNNING.

“Thank you for calling CBRE | FacilitySource. This is Diasha. How may I help you?” Diasha, a Customer Service Representative, said as she answered a phone call from a client. This phone call was one of approximately 60 phone calls Diasha receives a day regarding facilities management work orders.

Exterior Facility Solutions | Are Your Business’ Exteriors Optimized?

When thinking of facility maintenance, what do you think of? Perhaps you think of HVAC maintenance, or even plumbing. Although interior maintenance is extremely important, facility managers must also focus on having a solution for the exterior of their facilities. Keeping a facility’s exterior in tip-top shape has a variety of benefits, such as increased traffic and sales.

Common Plumbing Repairs for Commercial Facilities

Restroom clogs are one of the most unattractive things that occur in a facility. Not only are clogs unattractive, but clogged-up restroom plumbing, via a toilet or sink, can have detrimental effects on customer experience. When a clog occurs, there are three main points of defense a service provider will carry out to clear it.

Avoiding HVAC Failure in Summer Months

It’s summer, and it’s hot outside! Every season brings different challenges for facility managers, and the hot weather summer brings specifically challenges HVAC units and can even cause unit failure.