Integrated Facilities Management vs. CMMS-Only Solutions

Integrated Facilities Management vs. CMMS-Only Solutions

Facilities Management requires more than a just CMMS Solution for Success

Utilizing and benefiting from CMMS software in facilities management is nothing new. These platforms are great at saving business time, increasing efficiency, and providing real-time business intelligence. But commercial enterprise companies need more than software to manage their portfolios.

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) has dedicated teams that help provide cost savings, asset insights, and performance improvements. Let CMMS solutions manage repetitive tasks and enhance your maintenance plan with an IFM partner. Read on to learn more about 4 features an IFM partner can provide.

4 Advantages of Integrated Facilities Management Solutions:

1. Data Analytics Professionals

Two women examine data on a computer screen

Any software can collect data. Managing assets effectively requires people, data, and collaboration. Data analysts provide insights and recommendations that facilities managers can implement to find time and resource reduction. IFM providers store data points to create benchmarks in service provider performance, equipment repairs, and other relevant points to help make business decisions.

Data analytics capabilities vary between providers. CBRE | facilitysource provides executive dashboards highlighting key performance indicators and monthly scorecards on service level performance. With dashboards and scorecards on performance, managers can make decisions in real-time and ensure maintenance performance is at or above standards.

Data analytics can also provide predictive intelligence that can save money long term with recommendations like preventative maintenance, sunk cost identification, and equipment optimization. With a team of dedicated data analysts, managers will have the ability to create budget and time-saving optimizations in facilities.

2. Trade Specialists

Trade Specialist solves problems with a facility manager

Trusting others with day-to-day facilities management tasks can be difficult. With a trade specialist, managers can be confident they are not overpaying or underpaying for completed services. Trade specialists analyze service provider invoices to ensure all costs are meeting industry averages. When the invoices are meeting industry standards, budgets are well maintained, and providers are paid accordingly. See an example of how trade specialists can save $16 million on average every year.

Trade Specialists know the industry, having performed the services themselves or managed companies performing the services in their careers. These specialists understand the details of parts and labor costs and ensure the best value is achieved for both clients and providers. Saving costs on each invoice add up to large amounts of savings for facility manager’s budgets each year.

3. Vetted Service Provider Networkservice technician repairs a commercial HVAC unit

Service provider performance is about more than getting assets fixed or services completed. Google or provider databases can give managers a name and a number to a provider, but they can’t ensure the quality of the service. Vetted service providers have been screened to ensure they have correct insurance and certifications, demonstrated service experience for the job, and professional acumen required for day-to-day commercial enterprise facilities management.

High-performing service providers are one benefit of a vetted network. When combining 24/7 support and a national provider network, facilities managers have more control over meeting key performance indicators and spend less time facilitating work orders.

CBRE | facilitysource vets, trains, and continuously monitors the performance of service providers. Providers are trained on our client business needs, services, and technologies before ever servicing their respective locations. With reliable approved service providers, the guesswork in facilities management is eliminated and performance metrics are most often met or exceeded.

4. Dedicated 24/7/365 Support Teams

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Client success is account management team success. Dedicated account management teams provide a singular point of contact, create portfolio efficiencies, enhance service levels, and assist with budget management. To implement new strategies, cost-savings, and overall standardization of a portfolio, managers need a partner that knows their business and is integrated into every step of the process. Centralizing a facilities program can be accomplished with business partners trained and accountable to client strategy and performance.

Integrated to the account management team are 24/7 support centers. Since facility managers can’t choose when assets need attention, it’s important to find the right person for the job with little notice. CBRE | facilitysource support centers manage work orders from start to finish. Support Center team members are trained by specific industry, trade, and client standard operating procedures. With partners that know client businesses, it is easy to implement portfolio-wide programs, watch service metrics enhance, and downtime decrease.

Ready for Integrated Facilities Management?

CMMS platforms automate the tasks managers don’t need to waste time doing. IFM solutions allow facility managers to spend more time on strategic tasks making improvements while an extensive network of industry professionals manage the day-to-day. CBRE | facilitysource partners with clients in leveraging data to create cost-saving implementations provide reliable service providers, manage the work order process from start to finish, and maintains budget management.

CMMS platforms are helpful, connect with CBRE | facilitysource for free access to fmPilot2 and enhance your portfolio by adding an IFM team to your toolkit.