National Retail Facility Maintenance Company

Facility Maintenance for
National Retail Companies

Do you have a facilities maintenance plan for your multi-location retail business?

If the answer is “no,” we can help! Alternately, if the answer is “yes,” are your retail facilities truly optimized? At CBRE | FacilitySource, our focus is to create partnerships with retail corporations to ensure their facilities run efficiently as possible and stay UP. AND RUNNING.We specialize in providing facilities maintenance to retail companies.

Who We Are

In 2005, we began working with national retail maintenance companies, helping them deliver their ideal brand experience. Today, we are considered the leader in multi-location facilities management. We keep leading national retail brands UP. AND RUNNING. by leveraging our expertise, world-class CMMS software, our massive data library (over 4B data points), and our Elite Network of Service Providers. We specialize in providing facilities maintenance to large retail corporations- many of which are can be found on the Fortune 100 list.

How We Partner with You

When you partner with us, we handle your facilities from the beginning of the work order all the way to the end. Our end-end model has proven itself to be a success to our clients- saving each client up to 25% in facilities cost spend.

Our Retail Maintenance Services

Our business model focuses on providing our retail clients end-end facilities solutions. When you partner with us, we will help in every aspect of facilities maintenance. From exterior services to energy management services, our integrated facilities management model revolves around a single point of contact, streamlined approach. Learn more about each segmented service we offer in our end-end solution below:

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