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Mike McAlister joins CBRE’s On Demand Facilities Management business, CBRE | facilitysource to lead Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Mike McAlister Joins CBRE’s On Demand Facilities Management Business, CBRE | facilitysource to Lead Sales and Marketing Initiatives CBRE announced today that Mike McAlister, a sales leader with 20 years in sales leadership will join CBRE | facilitysource as VP, Sales & Marketing. Mr. McAlister based in San Diego, will join the CBRE | facilitysource…

CBRE | FacilitySource Exterior Maintenance Team Prepares for Spring

In many parts of the country, winter is bringing cold, snowy weather and grey skies- making many individuals yearn for bright, sunny days. CBRE | FacilitySource‘s Exterior Maintenance Team is also thinking about warmer weather. But, instead of thinking about melted snow, not having to scrape their windshields in the morning, or even salting sidewalks, they are game planning on how to tackle facility landscaping needs when warmer weather arrives.

CBRE | FacilitySource Hires VP of Client Success and Client Experience, Aims to Enhance Client-Centric Mission

CBRE | FacilitySource, the leader in the facility management industry, is excited to announce the hiring of Erin Plivelich as its Vice President of Client Success and Client Experience.  

Kristen Rhodes Joins CBRE | FacilitySource with Strong Focus on SaaS Products

For immediate release: July 10, 2019 CBRE | FacilitySource, the leader in technology-based facilities management (FM), is excited to announce the hiring of Kristen Rhodes as its Managing Director of Facility Management SaaS Products. “I’m truly excited to join such a capable team with a focused dedication on bringing CBRE | FacilitySource’s SaaS offerings to…

CBRE | FacilitySource Named U.S. Supplier Company Of The Year At PRSM2019 National Conference

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), now known as Connex, has named CBRE | FacilitySource as the 2019 U.S. Supplier Company of the Year. The prestigious award, which recognizes performance excellence by a supplier to the retail facility management industry, was presented at the PRSM2019 National Conference on April 30th. Read the press release

Lisa Barnhart Joins CBRE | FacilitySource as VP of Human Resources; Envisions Taking Organization Culture to the Next Level

CBRE | FacilitySource, a high growth leader in technology-based procurement and facilities management for real estate occupiers, today announced the appointment of Lisa Barnhart as Vice President of Human Resources. Bill Hayden, CEO of CBRE | FacilitySource, expressed his excitement of Barnhart’s hiring, and believes that she will help encourage a positive, constructive work culture.…

CBRE | FacilitySource Receives US Supplier of the Year Nomination

For immediate release: April 17, 2019 CBRE | FacilitySource Receives US Supplier of the Year Nomination CBRE | FacilitySource has been nominated for the PRSM2019 US Supplier of the Year Award. The award is presented by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), and is awarded at it’s yearly conference. This year, the association’s national…

CBRE | FacilitySource Holds VISION 2019 Conference

On February 6th and 7th, CBRE | FacilitySource held its VISION event, previously known as the Leadership conference. This event brought together approximately 150 individuals who represented 61 clients and 32 brands to collaboratively address industry trends and challenges, create partnerships, and to contribute to the innovation of the facility management industry.

Jen Abernathy joins CBRE | FacilitySource as Director of Business Development

CBRE | FacilitySource is excited to announce the hiring of Jen Abernathy as its new Director of Business Development. As the company continues to experience unprecedented growth, the hiring of new key players, such has Jen, has been high on the company’s agenda.